OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Shot


At Hutan Kratom, we offer the finest OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Shot, to help you recharge yourself. Place your order now and get your stress fix delivered to your doorstep.

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Brand: OPMS


OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Shot – Product Description

The O.P.M.S. Black Liquid Extract Kratom Shot, with a volume of 8.8ml, is a 100% natural and undiluted liquid tincture. This product is cherished for its extraordinary blend of alkaloids, thanks to a cold water extraction method that maintains the essence of kratom. Its high-quality ingredients, user-friendly nature, and meticulously crafted formula are why it’s a top choice among seasoned kratom enthusiasts.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s in each Black Liquid Extract Kratom Shot:

  • Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) leaf extract at a 50:1 ratio, amounting to 375mg per bottle
  • Mitragynine content is at 48%, which is approximately 180mg per bottle
  • 7-OH-Mitragynine content is less than 2.2%, which is less than 8mg per bottle
  • Additional components include water, ethyl alcohol, propylene glycol, corn syrup, and a combination of natural and artificial agents for stabilization.


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