What is KRATOM?

Kratom is a natural growing plant that grows throughout Indonesia and sporadically in a few other countries. However, the bulk of Kratom comes from Southeast Asia – Indonesia specifically.

Kratom has become a major export of Indonesia and has helped to change the local economy throughout. Due to the demand of Kratom around the world, it has provided not only a lot of monetary value to the local economies but has provided job growth and the ability for families to participate in world trade.

Kratom is related to the Coffee family and has a slew of benefits in terms of human/animal biology. As many of you may know, as a Kratom vendor directly, we do not sell this product for human consumption, so we are limited to exactly what can be explained.

Nonetheless, as Kratom becomes more popular, more and more documentaries are popping up on the plant, as well as websites dedicated to explaining what exactly this product does.

Can Kratom Help Me?

In our opinion here at Hutan Kratom, we believe it can help just about anyone. Some people believe that Kratom is only good for “people who are on drugs”, but that is completely wrong.

As we stated above, Kratom is good for a plethora of different issues involving the human body/brain. Though it is not regulated by the FDA/DEA and cannot be sold as a consumable product/supplement, that does not mean you cannot experience Kratom for yourself.

Kratom can enhance your well being and outlook on life in general. It promotes a healthier lifestyle, a much more energetic lifestyle and simply will turn your procrastination into motivation. There is a lot to be said about Kratom, but it can affect everyone’s life differently.

This is why it is difficult to explain what Kratom can do for you, or even what the “best strain” is for you. Everyone is different and it is best for you to begin testing different strains for yourself.

Is Kratom Addictive?

As we have explained before, Kratom is not regulated by the FDA/DEA for consumption, but the plant is related to the Coffee plant, so under normal circumstances, the plant is no more “addictive” than caffeine would be.

We would recommend checking out some social media influencers that talk more about their own Kratom experiences to get a better idea, but let’s just make one thing clear: there is a reason why the FDA/DEA is so intimidated by Kratom and why they do not want to regulate it. It is the same reason they are intimidated by Cannabis in general: People are slowly finding out that they do not have to be trapped by pharmaceuticals for the rest of their life.

Again, we do not sell Kratom for consumption or with any type of claims that it can cure an ailment, disease, etc. as you can see from our disclaimer on every single page, but that does not mean you cannot research Kratom for yourself, or even test it for yourself.

Our goal as a company is to simply provide Kratom for sale for everyone to access at competitive pricing. We do not believe that businesses should be the only ones getting Kratom for cheap pricing. This is why we sell wholesale Kratom to the public and why you are able to take advantage of these prices without even needing a business account of any sort.

Can I Give Kratom to my Pet(s)?

Interestingly enough, we get this question a lot and there is mixed information online about this. However, as far as we have tested, pets can have Kratom. There is also a “gray area” when it comes to the FDA/DEA guidelines in regards to pets “consuming” Kratom.

If you are going to give your pet(s) any type of Kratom, we would recommend starting with a much smaller amount. It is difficult to gauge how a pet is handling any type of substance, whether it be a pharmaceutical, cannabis, etc. so we always warn our customers to work their way up.

As with anything, do not abuse it. If your pet seems to be having a tough day in regards to their health, old age, etc. then maybe see how they react to the Kratom you give them. You know your pet(s) better than anyone else, so be creative on how to get them to test it out.

At the end of the day, we recommend paying attention to your pet(s) and do not simply let it be by itself the first few times you introduce Kratom to them. Make sure they know you are there to assist them if they do not react correctly.

Otherwise, from what we have seen, Kratom does not affect pets any different than it would a human. It promotes a healthy, long life and energetic days. It can also encourage them to wind down at the end of a long day.

Where Can I Purchase Kratom?

You can purchase Kratom directly on this website with Hutan Kratom! We currently sell raw powder strains and capsuled raw powder. If you are looking for an easier way to measure the powder you are purchasing, we would recommend the Kratom capsules.

However, be aware that the capsules are made out of gelatin, so if that means anything to you (or your pet), then simply buy Kratom powder and determine what you would like to do with it when you receive it.

There are vegan based capsules you can purchase yourself if you are not a fan of gelatin capsules, but at the end of the day, we simply sell capsules for measurement purposes, so that is why we went with gelatin.

I Have Further Questions; Can Hutan Kratom Help?

Of course! That is what we are here for. If you have any further questions for us, you can send us a message directly through our Contact Us page.

There should also be a “live chat” icon somewhere on your screen where you can talk to us directly as well.

The live chat is not online at all times of the day, but generally you can talk to us live Monday-Friday during normal business hours. We are in the Eastern Time zone, so just keep that in mind when coming to check whether we are online or not.

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