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Hutan is Indonesian for “jungle,” or “forest,” and just like any other Kratom vendor, we get our Kratom powder directly from the jungles of Indonesia. You might be asking, “why should we buy from Hutan Kratom if you are getting the same Kratom powder as everyone else?”

That is a great question; however, our point to making this correlation between our Kratom and the rest of the industry is that we are able to get the same great quality Kratom powder as anyone else, but the difference is that we are vertically integrated with regards to how we import our product.

This allows us to control raw product pricing, shipping pricing and import costs into the USA. Here at Hutan Kratom, we have been in the business of importing from Indonesia for over 5 years now.

As we explained on the homepage, Hutan Kratom brokers our own shipments. This is not something anyone can simply do. You must have some type of “track record” in order for CBP to even entertain approving you as a broker. This is because, as a broker, we can technically broker any type of shipment we want to. However, we only broker our own shipments – no one else – so it allows us to save on those costs which allows us to pass the savings onto you.

Hutan Kratom has been brokering shipments for other kratom companies for years – we have seen it all: good suppliers, mediocre suppliers, bad suppliers, FDA/CBP holds, etc.

Over the years, we have not only narrowed down the best suppliers to the few we have today, but we have figured out exactly how to broker shipments across the border, as well as have detained shipments released from the FDA/CBP.

That being said, being able to broker our shipments is one specific difference that allows us to be the industry leader of bulk Kratom and provide better pricing than the rest of the industry:

How did Hutan Kratom become


As noted above, Hutan Kratom acts as a broker, this way we can broker and manage our own shipments from Indonesia directly.

We have a separate entity set up that is specifically registered through the Customs Border Protection agency to broker shipments from anywhere in the world that are coming into the USA.

This technically means we can broker any shipment – no matter what the product – but our main focus is, of course, Kratom.

Hutan Kratom is able to manage the shipping costs directly from Indonesia, broker the shipment through the United States border and, in turn, pass the savings on to our customers.

We do not have to pay a broker fee and we control the shipping costs directly, meaning suppliers from Indonesia are not raising the “shipping cost” in order to make a profit.

Some of these suppliers from Indonesia will say the raw product costs X amount, but then they will charge an outrageous price for the shipping.

There is not much a vendor can say because you need the product, so 99% of vendors simply accept the outrageous shipping in order to get the product on its way.

Hutan Kratom learned over the years and we are now vertically integrated when it comes to our entire import process.

Again, this allows us to obtain maximum savings for our customers. This is the future of the Kratom industry and we imagine others will shortly follow in our footsteps.

Hutan Kratom’s

Satisfaction Guarantee

If a vendor is not willing to provide a satisfaction guarantee, there is no point in even trying their product.

Hutan Kratom offers a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee from the time your shipment ARRIVES at your doorstep.

As we all know, USPS and the rest of the shipping companies are not always the most reliable, so we will work with you on the return if the shipment takes longer than expected to show up.

The reason we provide all of these “fail-safes” for our customers is because some people are psychologically turned off by the “price” of our Kratom powder.

It makes sense, as we have been conditioned to believe, “you get what you pay for.” However, this is very far from the truth when it comes to the Kratom industry.

The Kratom industry is a perfect example of a free market in the sense that competition will continue driving the price down for the end-user. Our goal is to out-price the competition and get the product into your hands to see we mean business.

If you do not like the product when you get it – no problem – but we are confident that once you see it, you will believe that our pricing does not reflect lower quality powder in the slightest form.

The Difference

with Hutan Kratom

The fact of the matter is: true, free markets will always benefit the customer at the end of the day.

Prices will always get slowly driven down in order to benefit the customer, as companies will continue to find ways in order to lower their own pricing.

The way we were able to lower our pricing is by vertically integrating our entire process from the moment it comes off of the Kratom tree, to the moment it lands in your hands.

By brokering our own shipments across the US border, as well as controlling the shipping prices/companies that handle our shipment(s) directly from Indonesia, we will always be able to out-compete any vendor in the USA.

This is why we have been given the nickname “industry leader of wholesale pricing” by those who have shopped with us over the years.

However, we did not do this by ourselves!

We have a team that has set us up to make sure all of our shipments are not only brokered successfully, but we are also successful in getting detained shipments released from the FDA/CBP as well.

For anyone reading this that was in the Kratom industry around 2016, you may remember at the end of the year where almost all vendors thought they were going out of business.

Ever since then, there are random times throughout the years where FDA/CBP will detain a large number of shipments.

The reason for this is that they are simply trying to extort money from the industry and hurt the vendors where it matters the most: their pockets.

We hate to use the word “extort,” but that is what they are trying to do.

The CBP/FDA’s goal is to detain shipments in hopes that the vendors will pay money in order to get the shipments released – and that is what comes down to.

If we import shipments by the container – very large amounts – then the money it costs us to get a shipment released outweighs the cost of simply letting it go.

Since most vendors do not import enough Kratom at one time, they generally just let a shipment get destroyed/sent back to Indonesia instead of fighting to get it released.

Here at Hutan Kratom, we do not believe in that.

We fight for our customers – and we fight for our shipments – because we do not believe Kratom should be getting detained in the first place.

This product has saved more lives – and changed the way people live – more than any other product in the world.

We will always fight for Kratom, we will always fight the legality of Kratom and we will always fight for our customers.

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