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Wondering how is kratom pronounced? Whether you’re a newbie user or a seasoned user, it can sometimes be confusing when you’re pronouncing “kratom” differently than someone else – no need to start a flame war here. If you’re both rushing to Google for the answer, we’re here for both of you – let’s settle this debate once and for all. And while we’re at it, let’s dive in and discover our take on kratom pronunciation and buy bulk Kratom online deals. Leaves fanned out on two corners of the image with “how to pronounce kratom” written in the middle

Let’s Learn The Correct Kratom Pronunciation For The Scientific Name

Let’s start with how to pronounce kratom’s scientific name – you’ll have to learn this if you’re ever to discuss the plant at a scientific gathering. Kratom is scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa according to the binomial nomenclature. No need to twist your tongue – we’ve got your back! So, how to pronounce kratom’s scientific name? Let’s start with the first name – Mitragyna (“mee-tra-jee-na” – according to the American dialect):
  • The “mi” sounds like “mee”
  • The “tra” sounds like “truh”
  • The “gy” sounds like “jee”
  • The “na” sounds like “na”
Next comes the second part – speciosa (“spee-see-oh-suh”):
  • The “spe” sounds like “spee”
  • The “cio” sounds like “see-oh”
  • The “sa” sounds like “suh”
If you pronounce each syllable individually and blend them smoothly, you’ll be able to pronounce Mitragyna speciosa without hesitation. Now, you know how to pronounce kratom’s scientific name!

Differing Kratom Pronunciations In Different Regions

You probably came across different answers if you searched for “kratom pronounce” online. That should not be a surprise. Dialects and pronunciations can vary geographically and culturally. Just imagine how big of a flame war you could start by asking how to pronounce the word “tomatoes” correctly. Two of the most common pronunciations are “KRAT-um” and “KRAY-tum” – both are commonly used. So, which pronunciation is correct?

“KRAT-um” – Is This The Correct Way To Pronounce Kratom?

In this pronunciation of kratom, the emphasis is on the first syllable. You’ve probably heard a lot of people say the word this way – “krat-um” (said like “atom”). This is a popular way to pronounce Kratom among people who use it, but it’s not precisely how people say it in Bali or Thailand. Though popular, this pronunciation can’t be considered the standard or universally accepted version – but if someone says it this way, it’s not wrong per se.

 “KRAY-tum” – Is This The Correct Way To Pronounce Kratom?

Here, the emphasis is on the second syllable. “Kray-tum” sounds like Tatum and is more commonly used and accepted. It is the prevalent answer to “kratom pronounce” Google searches in certain regions and among specific communities. The choice between the two boils down to personal preference, regional dialects (different in other states), or cultural influences. If you can convey your message clearly and respectfully, you’ve got nothing to worry about! But let’s explore more about how we can pronounce kratom.

How To Pronounce Kratom Correctly In English?

So, how do you pronounce kratom correctly in the English language? There is no right or wrong per se, but the most commonly accepted pronunciation “KRAY-tum.” Although this is not exactly how the word is pronounced back from where it originates, this pronunciation has become widespread. However, due to regional and individual variations in pronunciation. Some people may pronounce kratom as “KRAT-um” or “KRAH-tum.” It all depends on linguistic backgrounds or personal preferences. You can always ask the people you’re speaking with not to avoid feeling left out.

How Do Natives of Southeast Asia Pronounce Kratom?

What about the natives of Southeast Asia, from where the plant (and its name) originates? How do you pronounce kratom properly according to the southeast dialect? The answer to that, too, varies. Since languages and dialects differ across the region, so does the pronunciation of the word. Here’s a general overview of how you pronounce kratom according to the dialects of different Southeast Asian countries:

How Do People Pronounce Kratom In Indonesia

In Indonesia, where Kratom is a native herb (and from where we get our supplies), the kratom pronunciation goes according to the Indonesian language phonetics. So, how to say kratom correctly according to the area’s dialect? The most common Indonesian kratom pronunciation is “KRAH-tum” or “KRAH-tuhm” with a short “a” sound.

How Do People Pronounce Kratom In Malaysia

Next, how to pronounce it properly according to the Malaysian dialect? Owing to its proximity to Indonesia, Malaysian phonetics are not very different. Here, the kratom pronunciation is similar to the Indonesian pronunciation. It is likewise pronounced as “KRAH-tum” or “KRAH-tuhm,” much like in Indonesia.

How Do People Pronounce Kratom In Thailand

The kratom pronunciation of Thai is slightly different. This matters because kratom is native to Thailand as well. The traditional Thai pronunciation is closer to “KRAH-tum” or “KRAH-tam,” with a short “a” sound. In some cases, the “t” may sound like a “d” instead.

Other Ways To Pronounce Kratom – Are They Okay?

While the most commonly accepted way to pronounce kratom is “KRAY-tum,” there can be variations in how individuals pronounce it. We already discussed that even among English speakers, there is no single pronunciation for the word and that it is also pronounced differently in Southeast Asia. Other than those variations, “Key-tum / Keh-tum” and “Kruh-tome” are also used, although not as commonly. These kratom pronunciations probably have their roots in the differences in accents, regional dialects, or personal preferences. Let’s explore them one by one:

“Key-tum / Keh-tum” – Is This The Correct Way To Pronounce Kratom?

Saying “Key-tum / Keh-tum” is very different from the standard English kratom pronunciation. It may be understood correctly in many contexts, but we don’t recommend this pronunciation. Not that there’s something wrong with it, but that it is not as widely recognized. If you’re wondering how you say kratom correctly – this is not the way.

“Kruh-tome” – Is This The Correct Way To Pronounce Kratom?

This also goes for the “Kruh-tome” pronunciation. This way of saying it also diverges from the commonly accepted kratom pronunciation of Thai and other pronunciations. It may seem similar to the native pronunciations, but this is not how people pronounce the words in Asia, as we just saw. This is not the standard pronunciation, and you may fail to get your point across if you pronounce kratom this way.

So Which Kratom Pronunciation Is Right?

While there is no definitive right or wrong kratom pronunciation, we still have to answer. The most widely recognized English kratom pronunciation is “KRAY-tum.” Since most people will understand this pronunciation, your best bet is to go with it. But since the pronunciation can vary based on dialects, accents, and cultural contexts, don’t be confused when you hear someone else pronouncing the word differently. After all, diversity is good, right? We hope this answers the question: “How do you pronounce kratom?”

Bottom Line: Hopefully, By Now, You Know How To Pronounce Kratom Correctly

At Hutan Kratom, we don’t just sell kratom products – we have a special bond with our products. By teaching you how to pronounce kratom, we wish to share our knowledge with you and make discussions about kratom more accessible. But most importantly, we hope you’ll be open to different kratom pronunciations and listen attentively to other people’s preferences. Respect and embrace the linguistic diversity surrounding Kratom. We’re a community, and you’re a part of it! You can always count on Hutan Kratom for the finest products for your daily stress fix. We offer a wide selection of the finest kratom products, including powders, capsules, and so on. Feel free to browse through our selection and enjoy the best rates in the market for this level of quality!

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